Where to Find the Best Free Online RPG’s

There are many free online RPG’s out there. Some are better than others, of course. Read on to discover my picks for the best free online RPG’s.

Best Free Online RPG’s #1 – Last Chaos

This is one of the best free online RPG’s. It offers loads of features such as a “personal dungeon” system where you can go solo and play in an arcade style environment. There is an item crafting system with “item malls” for easier trading. There is a player vs. player environment and a pet system. You can have various horses or dragons as pets and they stay with you throughout your journey.

All in all, I give Last Chaos a 4.5/5. I was highly impressed with the game, especially as it’s one of many free online RPG’s. If you’d like to check it out, visit the website here:


Best Free Online RPG’s #2 – Silkroad Online

This my second pick for the best free online RPG’s. Silkroad Online is a re-enactment of the Silk Road trades of the 7th century. Features of this free online RPG include an episode-centered quest system, various community groups such as guilds, a very unique skill system and beautiful graphics.

Silkroad Online gets a score of 4/5. It’s well worth the price – free! Visit the Silkroad Online website to discover why this game gets the number two spot on my list of the best free online RPG’s.


Best Free Online RPG’s #3 – RF Online

RF Online is my third pick for the best free online RPG’s. This game is unique in that it’s a mix of traditional RPG’s and futuristic sci-fi action. Features include three different factions to choose from, guild vs. guild battles, advanced character development and very impressive graphics.

RF Online gets a 3.5/5 from me and is highly recommended for those who like a little sci-fi in the mix. Visit the RF Online website to find out why it’s number three on the list of best free online RPG’s.


Best Free Online RPG’s #4 – Aranock Online

Aranock Online is number four on the list of best free online RPG’s. Features include various quests, puzzles and nice graphics. The staff really seems to care about the players and there is a very friendly community feel to the game. Aranock is based off the now extinct game Astonia..

Overall, the game gets a 3/5 from me. Visit the website to find out why Aranock Online makes the list of best free online RPG’s.


Best Free Online RPG’s #5 – Eternal Lands

Eternal Lands makes the list at number five for the best free online RPG’s. Although it’s still in beta stage, it’s very impressive and fully playable. Features include a harvesting system, manufacturing system, player guilds and six playable races.

Eternal Lands gets a score of 3/5 but I believe it has the potential to become a truly great game in the sea of free online RPG’s.

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Written by Stefan Smith

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