The Rise Of Indi Games In The Industry Today

It’s a fact, independently developed games are currently on the rise, with more titles and a stronger embrace from the gaming populace each day. There have been several recent developments in gaming that has paved the way for these smaller titles to still find a niche of their own.

This is despite of the still popular big names in the gaming industry such as DOTA 2. Some services even offer dota 2 boost as support. But with these factors, many independent developers have gained success today.

Accessibility of the Source Development Kit and Game Engine

With the advances in technology and programming, current engines of Triple-A titles are capable of movie like visuals, however this also means that game engines a few steps below, which still have some significant power to them, are more accessible than ever. There are many game engines which are now marketed towards the Indie crowd, such as the Torque game engine which runs such newly released games such as Space Pirates and Zombies. Some are also released as open source, allowing anyone to use them for free to modify and run a game on top of. Another worthwhile contribution to the accessibility of these engines, is the recent trend of game companies to release the source code to some of their older titles which allow others to learn from the work that went into the creation of Triple-A titles in the past.

Digital Download Distribution Methods

Another one of the recent developments in gaming distribution is the full embrace of various digital download methods. Although some like Steam have been around for quite a while, it has been mostly in the past few years that these avenues have been embraced to the point where they are proving to be a far more viable means of distribution than brick and mortar stores. How this benefits the Indie game developers is through the entry-level, easily accessed means of distribution for their titles which no longer poses the significant overhead of physical disc and box production, shipping and creation of physical advertisement materials.

The Humble Indie Bundles

Possibly one of the biggest new players when it comes to those who are credited with the rise of Indie games and setting up the latest video game news when it comes to the Indie market, is the folks behind the Humble Indie Bundles. This group started with a single collection of Indie games, which players could purchase for whatever amount they deemed fit, whether it is 1$ or 15$+ for all of them, some more affluent customers donating far more money than the developers would otherwise have earned through the normal sale of their product. As the HIB has gained notoriety, the size and value of their bundles has only risen, while each new bundle trends on breaking the sales record of the pack before it. Not only does this massive reach of sales and influence help gain attention for the individual developers and their games, but it provides a large source of income that benefits the teams while making players incredibly happy, since paying whatever they decide has a tendency to keep people from feeling gipped.

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