Is Bitcoin Really Just A Fad?

Often hailed as the “future currency” today, Bitcoin has also sparked criticism and scepticism from several quarters. The very unregulated infrastructure of Bitcoin is one of the main factors that have earned the maximum criticism. According to sceptics, since it operates in an unregulated environment, Bitcoin can’t be trusted in the long-run. Some of the sceptics have even gone to the point of declaring it as just a passing “fad”.

However, a close look at the current state of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry overall reveals a different picture.  And, that picture strongly refutes the claim made above. Most importantly, the current state of Bitcoin speaks of a sustainable growth of the cryptocoin and the cryptocurrency industry in near future. Here is a brief on the top facts that prove that Bitcoin is actually here to stay.

  • Recognition from esteemed companies

When some of the world’s best and most esteemed companies show their trust in something, you can be assured of its long-term potency. The same goes with Bitcoin. Despite all the speculations about the coin just being a fad, Bitcoin has been able to earn the trust of several prestigious corporations such as Apple Expedia, Amazon, Subway, Reddit, Tesla, Dell, Microsoft, Victoria Secret and so on. All these famous brands accept Bitcoin payment today. As per the reports, more than 100,000 vendors and merchants have started accepting BTC payments.

  • Growing user base

A recent report published by the esteemed Cambridge University shows around 5.8 million users are active on cryptocurrency wallet today. And majority of them are using Bitcoin.

  • Wave of legalization

One of the latest countries to legalize Bitcoin use is Russia. Japan is soon to pass a law to accept BTC as a legal tender.

So, yes, Bitcoin shows every sign of a sustainable growth and you can expect a positive investment future here. Just make sure to check the Bewertungen before signing up with a crypto exchange.

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Stefan Smith

Written by Stefan Smith

Stefan Smith is currently the managing editor of Nfl Touch Down. She is the author of ‘Sweet Life’ and the recipient of Pen and Scroll award.

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