Improve Your Short Game With These Expert Tips

Golf is not an easy game. There are so many different types of shots, tricks, and styles that you have to master to become a good golf player. People spend hours practicing simple shots in this game but reach nowhere. One of the most difficult parts of golf is the short game. There are not many people who are able to play this perfectly. However, there are some tips that you can follow to become a master at it. Some of these tips are mentioned below:

  • Soften the grip:

When it comes to golf, maintaining the correct grip is the most important point. Most people tend to hold the golf stick way too hard which could just hamper the shot. For the short game, you need to loosen up and take the shot.

  • Let your body rotate:

When you chip in the short game, there comes a moment when you have to rotate your body to some extent so that the right shot can be taken. To do this, you have to leave your body free and move with the shot.

  • The left-arm should be the focus:

When you take a shot in the short game, try to focus on the left arm so that the ball goes in the right direction and gets sufficient push from your left hand. This is very important when you chip or pitch in a short game.

With these tips mastered, there is no way you would have any difficulty in the short game. You would be able to see a whole new level of golf within you by following the above-mentioned tips. Moreover, you can also try online golf or other online games such as poker, etc. with judi online terpercaya and master at multiple games.

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Stefan Smith

Written by Stefan Smith

Stefan Smith is currently the managing editor of Nfl Touch Down. She is the author of ‘Sweet Life’ and the recipient of Pen and Scroll award.

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