How To Earn By Shareing Your Photos To Family And |Friends is a website that allows you to upload and host images for free on their servers. What makes shareapic different is you do not sell your pictures. It is a revenue sharing model that rewards you for directing your friends and family to your free-hosted images. As a member, you can make galleries, to categorize your pictures.

Like I plan one making one just for the pictures I draw as apposed to family pictures. You can use your hosted pictures in forums and on places like Then,  you can use your income to run a game server at Fatality Server today. Check their latest deals and see how small earnings is possible to run an affordable but reliable game server.

The amount of earnings can vary from month to month, because it is based off the amount of Advertising revenue generated by When the amount of ad income is finalized for a month, a percentage of that is distributed to shareapic members. The amount each member gets is based on ‘image views’.

They explain it like this: if the percentage of revenue to be distributed to members is $1,000. To figure out how to distribute the revenue, they first tally up the total amount of image views in that month. Let us say the month’s total views are 500,000, they divide the percentage of revenue to be distributed by the number on views (1,000 divided by 500,000) which equals = 0.002. I guess they turn that 0.002 in to $2 dollars some how and give you $2 dollars for every 1000 image views in that month. The goal is to keep the users happy, and maintain the website, which includes development costs, salaries, site hosting fees, and so on.

Shareapic does not disclose the amount revenue share, they do show you what was paid in the previous pay period. You will find that is the members section of the website. So the more pictures you post the more earning potential you have. Hey, if you are going to post pictures on places like MySpace or FaceBook, why not make a little cash from them. You can even use the pictures for auctions on eBay, being able to use your picture in that way, you can really see the earning potential.

Adult content is not allowed, your account will be deleted, you will be banned for shareapic, and all remaining earnings will be forfeited if you do not abide by this rule or any other rules they have. Like the age requirement of 13, children younger than 13 are not permitted to use shareapic, even with parental consent. If they discover you are under 13 you are subject to the same termination as those that post adult content. You are also limited to one account per person

An ‘image view” is when a user clicks on an image. However, image views are only counted on a unique hit basis. Meaning if the same user clicks one image tens times in the same day, it will only count as one image view. But that same user’s views will count as one view if done the next day. Pictures in galleries will accrue one ‘image view’ for each view. So you do not have to worry about your pictures being lumped into one ‘image view’ if they are in a gallery.

Officially, Shareapic only has to pay you every 30 days, as it states in its Terms and Conditions, but they generally do payouts every seven-business days. You can request payment only if your account balance is $20.00 or more, and payments are made via (so have a paypal account before opening an account with shareapic).

Some payments are pro-rated, because they may not make an equal amount of ad revenue in your country, example: Indian, Asian, etc… so keep that in consideration when opening an account and guess-a-mating earnings.

You can also earn by referring people that click on your images to join shareapic, you must get your referral code from member’s area on shareapic website.

If you plan to open an account make sure you read the terms and conditions, to avoid having your account deleted for violating them.

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