How To Clean An Outdoor Air Conditioner

Cleaning an air conditioner can be a daunting task to a first time cleaner. Usually it is done because the wife has instructed us to. Around my house the conversation happens something like this. “Honey, what are we doing today?” I respond, oblivious to the trap, “I don’t have anything really planned, what would you like to do?” And then the bomb drops “Good, can you clean the air conditioner today?” Now that the trap is sprung, there is no way out. Off I will have to go to try to accomplish miracles and pretend I am a handy man.With priceza air conditioners you get all the tips and recommendation to clean your air conditioner. You can even buy new air conditioner as well, you can compare the prices and features that every air conditioner offers.

Water and the Air Conditioner

Now while it may seem like a great idea to just grab the hose and start spraying I would not advise this approach. First of all, electricity and water mix really well, and after explaining to the wife how I received my new hairdo from the electrical charge, I will have to figure out another way to clean the unit. Not to mention that even if I turn all the power off, I can’t turn the unit back on until the forty gallons of water I just sprayed on the unit has completely evaporated. I also discovered rather quickly on the outdoor unit that dust plus dirt plus leaves plus bugs equals sludge with the consistency of tar. Since the forty gallons of water pumped onto this mess now solidified I will have to find another way.

Compressed Air and the Air Conditioner

So the water was not the greatest method, now for compressed air. This should work great, a can or two of compressed air and whamo, all will be clean, so simple I should have thought of this first. Pssssst, look at the dirt fly, this is easy I am a genius! Oh wait, the wind just picked up, ahhh my eyes, I knew I should have worn safety goggles, and was that a dead beetle that I just swallowed? Ok, now with goggles on and something over my mouth let’s try this again. Pssst, Pssst, there that’s better. I can even see some of the coils now. Of course, since I made a mess to begin with I will have to do a bit of scrubbing.

Good Old Elbow Grease and the Air Conditioner

Now I am ready to scrub the rest of the dirt and grime away, simple a medium bristle scrub brush ought to do the trick. Hmmm, I should probably open up the casing to get everything clean or my wife will send me back out. After removing the first few screws, I realize I should have put the screws somewhere I could find them. Ah well, they will turn up. Open the cover and start scrubbing gently but firm enough to get the grime off. Not so bad, I think I will be done soon, easy to… whoa this thing just turned on. Ahh!something just got in my mouth again. After going in and turning off the power and trying to explain why I swallowed another bug, I go back to cleaning.

Reassembly and the Air Conditioner

While cleaning and dodging the whirling dust, I discovered I lost a few screws. After a half hour searching and an hour round trip to get more screws, I am ready to put this thing back together. Another two hours later and several cuts on various limbs I finally get the casing back on. I should have worn some gloves and jeans. Whew, I am done in time to enjoy the air. I can clean up the pile of dirt in the morning.

The Next day and the Air conditioner

After a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast I decide to go admire my handy work. Oh no, the debris I left to clean in the morning blew around in the night and got into the unit and then it rained. I guess I know what I am doing today…

The Best Way to clean the Air Conditioner

Take the time to plan out how you are going to clean the Air Conditioner. The First step is to clean the area around the unit. If you are going to use water, do so sparingly as the mess made may be worse than the initial dirt on the unit. Use the proper tools and safety equipment. If you are moving metal, close-fitting leather work gloves are the best protection, goggles are a must when cleaning anything, whether scrubbing or blowing dirt. Make sure to have a clear workspace around the unit, this may mean mowing or pulling weeds first. Also make sure to have a container for the screws you remove to open the unit. Always turn the power off before cleaning. And take your time. When you remove things, be sure to place them out to the way but within easy access.

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