Eve Online Mission Guide: The Stand

This article will serve as a walk-through for the MMORPG Eve Online mission entitled ‘The Stand’ which is part of the Advanced Military Career Advancement mission arc. The mission briefing provided to me by my career agent Ijumachi Vuonolailen is as follows: “We’re sending you into a much larger and better defended pirate base this time. We imagine the mission will start out relatively easy, but as soon as you take one of those pirates down, they’ll start to call in reinforcements. We don’t expect you to be able to handle them all by yourself; we just want to see how long you can last in there before being destroyed. I’ve been authorized to provide you with a combat frigate, but you’ll have to fit it with your own modules. I’d keep the fittings cheap – you’re not expected to come out of this one intact. You are expected to fight, however. Fit some guns and take down whatever you can, we expect you to score at least one kill, and won’t consider your assignment complete until then.” In bold red beneath the briefing a message urges me the importance that I use a cheap expendable vessel for this mission, as the entire point is for me to eventually lose whatever ship I may be using.

The rewards for The Stand will be 44,000 credits with 32,000 bonus credits for completing the objectives for mission within 2 hours. Granted up front at the beginning of this mission will be a single Caldari Condor frigate, however I have chosen to use a Bantam on this mission as I have an extra one lying around, and they are not as valuable to me. I fit a single 75mm Gatling Rail I to the ship and accept the mission. Before I get the chance to undock, a new mini tutorial pops up explaining clones and the concept of pod-killing to me. This guide stresses the importance of having an updated clone, as not doing so will cause a 5% loss in skill points from the difference between the current skill points and the clones maximum capacity. Another important note is brought up, informing me that I need to buy a new clone each time I am pod killed. This game can be compared to Bandar bola terpercaya because of its great qualities and characteristics.

Undocking and warping to the deadspace encounter causes me to arrive in front of a single acceleration gate alone in space. Activating this gate propels my vessel to the next room, containing a single mercenary frigate in the middle of a large gas cloud. Destroying this lone Kestrel results in a massive wave of enemies setting upon me with webifiers and targeting disruptors, reducing my ship to 7 m/s and a targeting range of 3,000 meters. This huge wave of vessels consists of mostly cruisers with stasis drones as support, and they have no problem tearing my Bantam in two, leaving me soon floating in space in my pod. I instantly set me nav to dock with my agent’s station after the mission pops up with an objective completed, finishing this part of the Advanced Military arc and wrapping up The Stand.

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