Dungeons and Dragons Online: Shipwrecked on Korthos Island

In the fun world of Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO), you will find your newly created character shipwrecked on an island. With no possessions or money and an embarassing lack of adventurer knowledge, you have your work cut out for you.

If this was all DDO (www.ddo.com) had to offer, then I doubt there would be a need for this article. No, the developers at Turbine, Inc. (www.turbine.com) have developed the DDO game world named Eberron to suit what the players want and to make it easier for new players to step into the Eberron community as capable players. There are storylines, graphics, characters, and other material in the game that might appear to be out of place or just don’t appeal to you. Korthos might not appeal to your senses right away. But if you follow the storylines and take the time to learn how to play the game the way its creators intended it to be played, you will more than likely find yourself enjoying the sights and sounds of Korthos. For those who do not like to play such complex games, there is always something light headed like Bandarqq.

The Korthos Island adventures, which are free and therefore not described as an adventure pack by DDO, are the first set of adventures for players new to DDO. This is what the developers at Turbine decided to use to introduce new players to the game. It is a simple storyline that includes a very helpful tutorial. There is an option to skip the Korthos quests and go on to bigger and better things, but it is highly recommended that new players play the entire Korthos storyline.

The Korthos series of adventures are played entirely on Korthos Island. Some quests are in Korthos Village and some are in the Korthos Island wilderness area. The feel of the island is one of remoteness and the graphics are good, but not spectacular. The music and sound effects can be somewhat of a distraction at first but they will, in most cases, become an enjoyable part of your gaming experience.

Freedom to move to a place far off in the distance is one of the more enjoyable traits of these types of MMOs. Korthos Island, though a little more restrictive than larger quest areas, wows new players with its scenic view of an unending ocean stretching far off into the distance. Misery’s Peak, the finale in the quest line, is a beautifully crafted adventure where the developers and writers were clever enough to devise a storyline where puny level one characters can help defeat a dragon and save Korthos Village.

The Korthos pack delivers what is needed in an introductory adventure series. The tutorial will give you a chance to see live combat before entering a quest on your own. The storyline has NPCs with real personality and the story itself is charming and enjoyable. And after a little practice, new players can gleefully hack and slash their way through gurgling sahuagin, chanting cultists, and icy spiders and eventually come face to face with the White Dragon of Misery’s Peak.

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