Best Tips When Meeting With A Patent Attorney

If you are meeting a patent attorney to get a patent, like those who came from Harrison Barnes BCG Legal Recruiter, be sure to read this article first. Listed below are some tips that will be of great use when you are having a conference with patent attorneys.

  • Carry out your personal due diligence prior to the meeting

To acquire a patent, you have to be the first one to apply to it. So prior to getting in touch with a Patent Attorney, ensure that you perform the preliminary investigation by yourself to discover if your creation actually has no patents before.

For this, you can perform a Google patent research to find out what was already trademarked. Additionally, you can go through the USPTO internet site. This is actually the greatest reference to obtain basic details regarding the patent procedure. It can be vital for you to be aware of the fundamentals of patent legislation prior to having a meeting with the patent attorney.

  • Ready your creation for a comprehensive discourse

Your Patent Attorney is required to have a complete understanding of your invention.

Arrange every piece of details with regards to your creation so that once you show up at the meeting, you are able to clearly state everything about your invention and be able to answer every inquiry. You must also show your sketches, even if they look bad. As long as your sketch is able to state the features and function of your invention, it will do.

  • Do not forget about the timeline of your invention

Your  Patent Attorney should be aware of the entire schedule of your creation. You can find extremely critical statutory deadlines that must be talked about relating to disclosure and the marketing of your work.

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