Be A Better Fighter Through These Hacks

If you have just begun to indulge in black ops 4, here are some bo4 hacks that you essentially need to know to emerge as the winner.

Dive down once you jump out- the beginning of black ops 4 is similar to most other games. You need to jump out of the Chinook or the helicopter. Once you jump out, the hack is to dive down a few meters and then glide up slowly and vertically.

Diving down helps you to understand where you need to land. Gliding up over the hills and other terrains help you to spot the point where you actually need to land which helps you to accomplish that with a lot more precision and ease.

First find a gun- remember you are at the place to fight and your main aim is to defeat others which you cannot unless you have a gun. Thus, when you land, the first step is to look for a gun without noticing the rest of the things. Once you have a gun with you, you can then look for your enemies and all that you need to consider before you begin the game.

Locate the blue beam- once you start off, you will be able to locate a blue beam of light coming right from the sky which shows you the location of mystery boxes which help you to get more arms.

Use all the perks on your way- as you proceed, you will come across a number of perks that you can use in your game. It is always best if you use them the moment you have an opportunity to do so without forgetting about them. The perks can help you win the battle.

Aim right- whenever you spot your enemy and you shoot, you should always aim for the head. Shooting on the head kills your enemy immediately while shooting elsewhere can just injure him!

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Stefan Smith

Written by Stefan Smith

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