6 Weeks Altitude Training – Things Learned

If you have signed up for the physical altitude training, then you should know about the training sessions. You can be any sports athlete and this altitude training will help you get the best stamina and energy to shine on your sports. Also, many sports athletes can take up a small trip to high altitude areas and spend quality time without any stress. This will also help in relaxation and also to have a training period in the areas. The important reason is the low oxygen pressure on these areas which makes us provide our maximum effort. Therefore, you strive hard to complete a lapse which might be easier on the terrain. This shift of energy helps one to cross the limitation and boundaries for better results.

Things Learned From 6 Weeks Altitude Training

  • Plan accountability

Since there will be no distractions, you can keep an account on your training at ease. This will act as a game-changer for the training and hence help you improve at least a minimum percentage upwards.

  • Time Schedule

The schedule must be prepared during your first day or even before you start your training. This will help you not waste time, work productively, and constantly focus on the benefits you will be gaining at the end of the training.

  • The line between Procrastination and Resting

High altitude can make you feel tired of you just sit. Instead, you need to get up with self-motivation and accompanying a guide can help you deal with such laziness.

  • Other fitness can be difficult

Since you are training in the higher regions, you can miss out on other training like workout and weight lifting. On the other hand, you can fully focus on increasing your speed and performance by running.

The 5 weeks training on higher altitude areas can help in increasing your overall sprint power, aerobic power, and endurance.

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Written by Stefan Smith

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