3 Pro Tips To Optimize Xbox Elite Controller To Enjoy Better Gaming

A controller is a gamer’s ultimate weapon. So it only makes sense that the one you use is caters to all your needs to provide the best gaming experience. In such a scenario, the Xbox Elite Controller makes for an essential accessory. One of the finest game pads ever built, the Xbox elite controller possesses changeable sticks, triggers and D-pads that you can set according to your preference. Whether you are someone who is into professional gaming or simply in it for recreation and thrill, the Eilte controller is a must have. While you may find more detailed information regarding everything gaming at Worlds Factory, we have you covered here.

Tips and tricks to get you started on your way to a whole new world of gaming:

  • Download the Xbox Accessories app

To unveil the fullest potential of your elite controller you must download the Xbox Accessories app, which is available for download both on Xbox and PC. With the help of your app, you can remap each button of your controller according to your preference. You may also set presets for every game you play which is bound to give you the best possible experience.

  • Put the paddles to use

The Elite controller comes with four metal paddles exclusively designed to be attached to the back of the shiny pad. These extra paddles can be assigned any task according to your choice. They make for an excellent feature in deadly matches where time is of the essence. With the help of these paddles you can now get instant response making your gameplay experience much smoother.

  • Switch the analogue pads

One of the Elite’s most lucrative feature is that its D-pad and analogue sticks can be swapped. The sheer number of choices provided such as the longer, stubbier variants make for the perfect addition to the compact deal. If you are into shooting games, you may also find use in the hair-trigger locks present in the back of the controller.

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