Will Grand Theft Auto 6 Be The Next Game Of The Year?

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Rockstar company have always fascinated its fans with the series of Grand Theft Auto. Although no game of this series has yet won the title of Game of the year, but the next set of the series can become a candidate to reach the title.

What is this game about?

Grand Theft Auto is a game series in which the protagonist is a gangster, roaming in the city and doing jobs for different Mafia Gangs.

In this game, you will find mission such as to escort mafia people, fight with other gangs, supervise delivery and even go on a full-fledged war with other mafia gangs. This game is an open-world game. So, you can do whatever you want in between the mission.

Grand Theft Auto 6

Grand Theft Auto 5 was a great success. With its fantastic graphics and excellent gameplay, it stole the hearts of many people. And when the craze did not even end, Rockstar has decided to launch the next game in series. The new game is said to begin in late 2021 and is assumed to have some fantastic graphics along with all new and excellent gameplay with some incredible missions and an extensive in-game map. It is also said that this game will not be like any other game in the series, but a lot more fun.


Other games which won the title of Game of the year were somewhat on a different level as compared to other Grand Theft Auto games. But with GTA 6 in line, the next set of the year list might face some fierce competition. It is also said that to enhance the gaming experience, the company will also launch some mods including the GTA 5 Mod Menu Xbox 360.