Why Should You Invest In Blockchain Now?

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Blockchain is reportedly the 3rd big wave in the internet, after websites and social media. Although the mention of blockchain usually refers to cryptocurrency and immer Bitcoin yet it’s reach is far beyond that. Now, of course the crypto industry is the most significant contribution of blockchain technology but the cutting-edge technology harbors multiple other use cases. No wonder, investment experts are widely campaigning for more investments in blockchain. So, why is it really crucial today to invest in blockchain technology? Please read the post below to know more.

  • Incredibly high returns

Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies have shown immense potential for incredibly high ROI. Put simply, returns you may expect from crypto investments are always higher in comparison to traditional investment options like stocks or bonds. The main reason here is that the blockchain-based crypto market is highly volatile. There is no central authority to regulate it which leads to frequent price fluctuations.

  • Multiple use cases

As mentioned before, blockchain’s impact reaches far beyond the crypto industry. A lot of other major industries are fast implementing this state-of-the-art technology in their operations. These include healthcare, business software, gaming, supply-chain management, payments, utilities and more.

In fact, blockchain is witnessing high adoption from some of the most prestigious companies of the world, such as IBM, Google, Dell, Bank of America, Microsoft etc.

  • High security

Blockchain is an immensely secured technology given its very immutable block design. It’s impossible to manipulate the blocks and eventually tamper the transactions carried through those blocks. In the blockchain technology, blocks are chained to each other with hash. If one block (in a complete blockchain) is changed, the entire range of blocks after it has to be changed as otherwise the whole chain would be invalid.

  • Compatible with futuristic technologies

Blockchain has shown easy compatibility with the major emerging technologies that are going to rule the tech world in near future. These include IoT, AI as well as immersive technologies.