Why Do Espresso Machines Tend To Be Extremely Expensive?

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As a coffee lover, you are dreaming of having quality coffee instantly at home. Hence, it will be possible if you have an espresso machine in your house. However, espresso machines are not like any other items at home that you can buy instantly without considering your overall budget and expenses. Espresso machines are generally expensive. While you need to spend reasonably large amount of money in an espresso machine, you might also need to look at the benefits and convenience it can give to you and your family members. To help you understand, here are the reasons why espresso machines tend to be extremely expensive.

First and foremost, for you to understand why an espresso machine is expensive, you need to understand why espresso is far different from other means of making coffee. Basically, espresso is made when hot water was forced through a tightly packed puck of ground coffee at a very high pressure. Consequently, the water will pass through the puck in a very fast moment and then the rub will be produced.

Espresso usually takes 10 to 15 seconds, which is far different from a French press brew that usually takes 4 – 5 minutes.

In taking the pressure of th espresso, it needs to use 9 bar of pressure which only means that it has to make nine times the pressure of the atmosphere to make the espresso. Furthermore, it also requires to be consistent over long periods of time. Some of the best espresso machines can make more than a hundred pumps a day. Therefore, one of the main reasons why espresso machines are expensive is because of the its high quality equipment. Another reason is that espresso machines mostly are hand made making it more valuable and costly.