What To Look For While Choosing A Lanyard?

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Everyone is familiar with the lanyard and has used it at least once in their lives. Lanyards are strap or string that is worn around the neck and is used for different purposes. You must have seen a company’s employee with an ID card hanging around his neck, the strap-like thing to which his card is attached is known as lanyard. It is used for different purposes other than hanging ID cards. It helps the user to connect anything with the lanyard and avoid losing it as even if it gets dropped, it will be still attached to your body and not get lost.

Top-notch tips for choosing a suitable Lanyard

Level of safety

There are different types and styles of lanyard available in the market. There are two significant types of lanyard; first is breakaway type and other is non-breakaway type. It is entirely your choice which kind of lanyard you want to purchase, but it is more beneficial to choose the breakaway type of lanyard. Most of the people buy this type because it protects the person wearing it as if your lanyard gets pulled by anything or anyone, then the breakaway type will open and protect you from getting injured.


There are abundant styles of lanyard easily available in the market, such as flat braid, round braid, etc. Keeping the environment in mind, some companies have even introduced eco-friendly lanyards made of reused plastic and bamboo. Some of the most common styles of lanyards are optiweave ad optibraid which allows you to detach the thing attached to the lanyard without taking out the lanyard off your neck.

Type of attachments

It is necessary to see that how anything can be attached to the lanyard as multiple types of attachments are available in the market such as simple hooks, swivel hooks, bulldog clips, etc.