What Grants Are Available For Women

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It’s high time we need to accept that women just don’t have it easy like men do. It’s a fact that women get lesser paychecks than the rest, or how more opportunities are given to others than them. It has been that way for a number of years but not for long.

Fast forward to the present, more appreciation for women are being felt around the globe. Many have taken an interest into helping women and fighting for their equal rights. One of them is the availability of several grants that women can apply. Read on below on what grants these are and how it can help them:

Violence Against Women

If you’re a woman who has been a victim of sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, and other forms of abuse, the Transitional Housing Grant Program is here to help you. This grant by the Department of Justice helps women who have suffered and covers their living expenses such as rent and utilities, and legal costs.

 Educational Grant

Women who are looking for funding for their college or just to finish school can apply for educational grants. These are grants that act like scholarships wherein your tuition fees are paid for. This type of grant can be found in the government, private companies or even banks.

Business Grant

To start up a business, one needs funding for their capital. Women can apply for a business grant. This gives them the opportunity to help the industry as well as help ease the unemployment rate.

Personal Grant

Depending on the type of grant you need, women may apply for a personal grant as well. This can help you for a project you’re in or a health grant to cover hospital expenses.

Remember that grants take a while to qualify for. So work on that grant writing and application and be patient. It may just be given to you soon enough.