What Are The Qualified Medicinal Cannabis Clinics In Los Angeles?

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Medical Cannabis or Medical Marijuana is prescribed by medical professionals to their patients. The research on medical cannabis has not been very extensive due to the ban on marijuana by Government authorities in several countries.  Despite this, Cannabis has been proven to provide relief to cancer patients and HIV by reducing pain, treating anxiety, insomnia and even helping in increasing the appetite for some.

What are medicinal cannabis clinics?

Marijuana is illegal in several countries due to its psychoactive properties. In the United States, it is legally used for medical purposes in about 30 states. By Federal Law, only a selected amount of clinics are legally allowed for the sale of medical cannabis. This can be done only upon registering and having certain qualified physicians at the clinic. Patients are allowed to purchase Cannabis only upon when they provide a certified ID and prescription.

The clinics that legally provide marijuana are qualified as medicinal cannabis clinics. Many states have their own dispensaries like the altoona medical dispensary in Pennsylvania, which is also known as the Herbology Dispensary.

Cannabis use in Los Angeles

According to California State Law, cannabis is legal in the state. There are about 187 medicinal cannabis clinics in its capital, Los Angeles itself. Several of them are situated in the areas of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. One of the most famous medical centers for marijuana is the 420 Evaluations Medical Marijuana clinic. It is located in Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles. Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Hollywood Easy Clinic is another clinic located in Hollywood and is rumored to have been visited quite frequently by some A-list celebrities.

Since it requires a fee of almost $100 to receive medical marijuana in California, there is a wide illegal distribution of it.  Children under the age of 18 are legally not allowed to use marijuana, not even for medical purposes.