What Are The Best Guns In Pubg Mobile 2019?

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PUBG has been a huge success since its launch and PUBG Mobile gave gamers better accessibility. The game steals the show in many aspects in spite of having a single battle royale mode. The PC version of the game has been known to incorporate original guns with their genuine characteristics that add to the thrill. The mobile version has also introduced various guns that improve the gameplay.

  • What are some of the best guns introduced to the game?

Gamers can choose between a wide range of guns and if they get lucky, they might get their hands on the following killing machines:

The list has to be topped by Groza Assault Rifle. It is identical to AKM in its impact and recoil. This rifle causes great damage and can be used with the scope. It is ideal for short to mid-range battles but is not good for long-range attacks.

The AWM Sniper Rifle can only be received through supply drops. It is the strongest Sniper and is ideal for long-range attacks.

The SCARL is a great short and mid-range weapon. If one knows how to use this weapon, it can cause real damage to multiple players.

The AKM Assault Rifle is similar to SCARL. It has high recoil but once a player gets the hang of it, very few come between the player and chicken dinner.

The UZI is an SMG. It is great for close-range combat and fires the most bullets in a given period. It is an amazing secondary weapon and a must when you are fighting in close quarters.

  • How to win games with ease?

Making the right selection of guns and having the necessary experience is important. Gamers can also win the games with Pubg hack. Through the hacks, they can have better aim, health boosts, rare guns, and so much more. The hacks are untraceable and help in winning games.