Tips to host a cool cocktail party

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Cocktail parties are awesome to spice up the weekends. Are you too on plans to host a cocktail party soon? That’s cool and your gang will love you even more for that. Now, no matter how amazing it sounds, cocktail parties are an elaborate affair. Thus, you have to proceed with the arrangements carefully. The post below offers some pro tips on hosting the best cocktail party.

Calculate the number of guests

The first thing you will have to chalk out here is the number of guests you are about to invite for the party. Would it just be your niche gang or you would also include some workmates here? The data on number of guests will help you to determine all other aspects of the party.

Tips on food & bar menu

A cocktail party usually hosts crispy finger foods to pair up with drinks. You should keep both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Besides, some of your guests may be allergic to certain kinds of foods. Ask them beforehand about possibilities of allergies so that you can either cancel the item or arrange for other alternatives.

In regards to the bar menu, you have two options. You can either have a full open bar stacked with multiple choices of drinks so that guests can choose as per their preferred poison. Otherwise, you can have a preset menu where the guests will order right from the specified menu. The second option is better to save costs.

Mind the supplies

A cocktail party is incomplete without a sturdy cocktail table. Thus, you have to look for cocktail table rental beforehand. Besides, you will also have to arrange for tables and chairs for the party. If you are hosting the party outdoor, you should get a tent to protect your guests from sudden downpour.