Tips to buy Grow LED Light

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Grow lights are a must-have if you are planning for an indoor nursery. Plants need adequate light to produce food and survive. Since the natural sunlight is not possible indoors, your best

option is these LED grow lights. Now, there is no death of grow lights in the market but not all would be compatible for you. The post below offers a brief on how to choose the most compatible grow light for your beloved indoor nursery.

Get a comparison study

Don’t just jump into the first grow light you come across online. You need to study at least 4-5 of them to get a better grasp on the market and the features of such lights. It’s advised to read expert reviews of your shortlisted lights from a leading site. You may count on for the reviews  here. These reviews that will help you to  understand the strong points and drawbacks of the different options in the market. Choose a time-tested light from a reputed brand which is also backed by happy customers.

Mind energy output & consumption

You should always check the number of total output units produced by your chosen light. Remember, you have to keep these lights on for around 10 to 11 hours every day and that would mean massive energy consumption. The light you choose should assure minimum 300W total unit output.

Lower heat output

While light is important for plants, too much of it or an extremely higher intensity would damage your nursery in no time. Thus, go for lights which come with lower heat output. Besides, lights with excessive heat output burns out quicker.

Be careful of semiconductor chip

Make sure your chosen light carries a premium quality semiconductor chip as otherwise it won’t be able to produce adequate illumination. The light you go for must carry a minimum 3W chip.