The Whys and Hows of Having Extra Soft Down Pillow During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is not easy. Women undergo a lot of things during this period. Yes, expecting mothers are excited about having extra joy in the family. But they also deal with many things are only known to them. For example, they suffer cramps, lack of sleep, and even lack of appetite. They go through physical and emotional discomforts. Thus, this is because the body undergoes hormonal changes during this period. They also have to consider things like nutrition and even exercise if they want to stay fit during delivery.

Having an extra soft down pillow can provide comfort to expecting moms. As mentioned, they get little sleep sometimes. And this is because they need to adjust their bodies due to their bellies constantly. They also undergo stress due to aches and pains as a result of carrying that extra weight for nine months. Think about it; the backbone gets stressed due to this. That is why optimum rest and proper posture are essential during pregnancy. So where does the down pillow fit into this?


Down pillows are soft and comfortable. They are made from natural products. They are feathers from the back, wing and chest feathers of geese and ducks. That is why they are softer compared to regular pillows. These regular pillows are from man-made fibers.


Down pillows improve posture during sleep. The pregnant woman can adjust the placement based on what she feels comfortable. They can also be useful as back support to improve spinal posture. Unlike any pregnancy support, these pillows are not attached to the body. So you can pick them up or put them down anytime you want.


Having an extra soft down pillow is a good investment. Thus, this is not only geared for pregnancy. They can be as your regular pillow all year long. For more information, Google Shop Poosh®  and head to their website to get the latest and best deals.