The Likes Trial

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With rising global criticism for social media regarding their negative impact on users’ mental health, Instagram has reconsidered the role it plays. The race for more likes has had damaging effects on people all over the world and social validation has become a desperate need. With lower self esteem, fewer real friends and increased unhappiness, the quest for social approval for sure needs a break. An Instagram spokesperson confirmed, “we want people to worry a little bit less about how many likes they’re getting on Instagram, and spend a bit more time connecting with the people that they care about.” The removal of likes can be a relief to most users but is sure daunting for instagram influencers.

What Does Instagram Removing Likes Mean For Influencers?

Following are some things that can be expected if Instagram removes likes from the medium:

  • Confusion for advertisers

Influencers are paid by brands directly. A decrease in their snowballing like counts can reduce the advertiser’s readiness to work with them and question the ability of influencers to sway their brand’s marketing efforts.

  • Boon for the Agencies

With the transparency of the likes system gone, influencers will have to rely on other resources like that of good agencies. Agencies not only have the history of an influencer’s engagement but also access to influencers with some great content. Thus, if Instagram does decide to remove likes from the medium, it’s surely good news for agencies worldwide. 

  • Better Content creation

Removal of likes will definitely encourage creators to create more meaningful content. A decrease in repetitive content can be expected as most influencers post photos or videos which can fish them likes which leads to numerous similar posts. Thus, the content creation would not only be better but also more diversified.

With no official declaration, it’s hard to imagine Instagram without the likes based system; the system sure has its pros and cons and is as loved as hated. Till this groundbreaking change in the app’s algorithm is implemented, users especially influencers continue to participate in the race of likes and aim to win. You too can gain 100 Instagram likes over here and increase your chance of being an influencer.