The Common Mayo Clinic Diet Foods That You Can Enjoy Together With Your Meals

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There are always two components in a successful weight loss program, that is the exercise routine, and of course, the food that you eat. Before you start picking up stuff in the grocery store, you need fort to know which food is right for your diet. Of course, the first picks for that are fresh fruits, vegetables, some meat, and grains.

Aside from these, there is also another foodstuff that you need to add on your daily meals to make your even healthier.

The Goods

It is already a given that fruits and veggies are an integral part of the meal. Regarding vegetables, it is best to order the ones that are frozen to avoid any nutritional loss. Also, those pre-mixed veggies and salad in a bag? Those are approved too since they are already pre-washed, basically dump them in a bowl with dressing and viola! Instant meal!

Canned beans for your gumbo and chili is good too, for they act as veggie as well as a great source of protein. Fish, either canned or fresh, are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which is good for your health.

Other Foodstuffs

Bread is a staple of every meal for some people, and it is best to choose the whole grain ones for it helps lower body mass index. Also, that goes too with rice, and choosing brown or wild rice is much preferable as it contains more fiber than the usual white rice.


The Mayo Clinic Diet is one of those easy to follow diets. In which most foodstuff used are just among the ones we commonly eat, only with minor alterations. Following this diet can ensure that you will have much better health and happier and active life through good food.