Sexual assault is uprooting the humanity… Step up to eradicate it!

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What do you understand by the term sexual assault? It is the terrible act of inapt touching a person to his/her sexual organs without consent, and the person steps back and tells to stop, the criminal hurts or threatens them. The sensitivity of the case can vary from inappropriate comment to touching to rape and death. The criminal does not care about the gender of the age of the person though there might be some cases where the suspect is wrongfully accused, and there the Philadelphia criminal appeals lawyers to protect them.

Sex assault rate has been increasing ever since as people are bowing down to it. No offense!

This is the reality. The criminals are becoming fearless as the people they abuse sometimes get weakened and do not raise voice being afraid to get defamed. In some cases, the suspect is released after paying certain charges and allegations to the court. All this discourages the victims.

The humanity comes on the edge when people close their eyes instead of helping the victims to avoid being trapped. This all shows that the law needs to be stricter and the punishment given to the guilty must be more terrifying so that anyone thinks seriously about the consequences before doing such things.

What can we do to stop it?

Firstly, make yourself strong enough to fight back and don’t let the person abuse you. You can take self-defense classes even to learn some defense moves. Next, if you see someone getting abused doesn’t be cowards and step back. Get some guts and try to protect the victim.

Lastly, remember, God helps those who help themselves. So, you need not stay quiet and bear the pain or compromise. Be a role model for people who are suffering from the same pain.