See Godzilla Easter Eggs in PUGB Mobile

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Last June 7, PUBG Mobile tweeted an update about their Godzilla crossover. It says: Have you found all the clues of Godzilla’s presence in the PUBG MOBILE x Godzilla: King of the Monsters Crossover? Search them out for rewards! #GodzillaMovie. Fans of PUBG gaming community went crazy over this update.

If you are aware, PUGB is one of the most significant players versus player shooter game in the world. The film Battle Royale inspired that game back in 2000. It became so vast that it turned into a standalone game. Thus, this happens under Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene’s direction. The scenario goes like this: Hundreds of players parachute into an island. They look for weapons and equipment. They kill others while avoiding turning to victims. The player area or map decreases over time. The game becomes tighter. The last player standing wins.

So why are fans excited about the Godzilla update?

The Game Promises Exciting Things

The graphics are going to be amazing. PUGB Mobile have always prided themselves when it comes to details. Godzilla is a hot topic these days even if you are not a gamer. He will battle powerful enemies using his powers in the movie. Now that PUBG Mobile announced their Godzilla movie partnership, this could mean the following that it’s a Godzilla-themed event popping out to the game. So the game plot could mean Godzilla themed location. So easter eggs are all over various maps or locations. They could be in the form of murals. Or signs of Godzilla himself. 

Where to Download?

You can get the latest releases of PUBG through its official website. You can keep yourself on the loop with game updates through the events page.


PUBG continues to be the biggest mobile game in the world. There is the latest update. Google pubg esp hack to give you an idea.