Role Playing Games 101- a brief overview

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Role-playing games are undoubtedly one of the best and most enjoyed online/video games among avid gamers. Yes, you have other popular games such as Bandar Bola which are really amazing. But RPG options have a unique charm of their own. As the name says, a player here will have to take up the role of the fictional protagonist of a game who is on some quest in some fictitious world. RPG games are one of the oldest forms of video games that have managed to retain a high level of craze for years. The traditional RPG numbers comprised of 3 main elements-

  • menu-based system of combat
  • Character or level stats which could be enhanced over time more playing sessions
  • A major quest that forms the main backdrop of the game storyline.

Now, the modern or hybrid Role Playing Game options that you will find today don’t always carry all these three elements together. However, you will find minimum one or couple of such elements in them.

Being a highly popular video/online game, you will find a vast and versatile range of RPG games today. However, when it comes to RPG types, there are 3 main segregations to watch out for.

Strategy games

These kinds of RPG games are generally themed in a battlefield. You will get the map of the battlefield and take up the “role” of the main protagonist of the game. As the main player, your aim would be to fight the opponent characters to secure your triumph.

Adventure games

The adventure RPG numbers generally involve high-action elements which are usually combined with special weapons which the main character would have to collect over multiple gaming sessions.

Action games

Action RPG options are all about exciting button-mashing sessions where the main protagonist is usually seen in high combat.