Reasons Why Brands Are Using Private Instagram Accounts

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Many brands now are setting their profile into private accounts and or instead of creating new individual accounts. Why is it? Sure we don’t know unless we uncover their secrets. Putting barrier to followers or fans wanting to follow you may be strange. Sure it is valid and gaining traction. Setting accounts to private in Instagram means that only people who follow can only see the contents. As for non-followers, they can send a support request to view the contents. If your brand wants to make a move to become a private account, consider these benefits you can gain.

Getting More Followers

Brand accounts struggle to see their follower numbers rise. It is because of algorithm change on Instagram. By going private, it serves a way to navigate those updates as one of your followers shares your post with a non-follower. Curious and eager to know, non-followers well be attracted to follow your account, to see the contents that their friends shared with them. There is one way to increase and gain more followers.

Exclusivity For Followers

Making your account private can help followers to feel valued. And thus, non-followers to be more curious. Followers will be the first to see your post if you are launching new products and giving them an exclusive first look at your products. Furthermore, giving non-followers a reason to follow your account as well.

Giving You More Control

By going to a private account, you can manage the kind of followers and fans you want to have as a brand. Followers may be willing to give feedbacks or sharing the connection to your products. Socializing brands should be legitimate connections and offers profit to your followers. By having a private space, you can easily facilitate the needs and Control of your account for your fans.


There are many more benefits you may get by making your account private. If you want more information, visit for more ideas and services they offer.