Reasons Why American Football Is A Very Popular Sport

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American football has already been one of the most popular sport, especially since the NFL started in 1920. Of course, the sport has struggled during the early years but is now considered as the top sport in North America and some other places.

While this sport is yet to be played on the bigger stage internationally, American football has already solidified its case as one of the best sports today. over here are some reasons why:

  1. Fantasy Football

Fantasy football has already grown and succeeded since it started. A great and popular fantasy game tells how much successful a sport is. In addition, fantasy football has become even more than a past time and became an industry worth millions of dollars—especially with the presence of Judi online games.

  1. Parity

What makes a sport exciting is the parity between teams. Parity ensures that the league is still competitive for the teams every year. With NFL being the most popular American football league, you can see that there is still parity between teams to avoid dynasties and super-teams that will take away the excitement of the game.

  1. Now or Never

Baseball has a staggering amount of 162 games, while basketball and hockey also has a long season with 82 games. However, football only has 16 games per season. It means that you literally cannot take a day off. It’s easy to say after a loss that “it’s only one out of 82”, but not in football. It’s always a “Go big or go home”.

There are still lots of reasons to prove that American football is already a very popular and successful sport. Whether they’re played in the world stage or not, you cannot deny the greatness and influence of this sport around the world.