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Top 2 Ways To Use Linux Operating System In A Windows

Nowadays, majority of the users are two operating systems like Windows and Linux in a single system. If you are window user, then it would be better to install the… Read more »

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Reasons Why OBD Scanner Is Required


5 Reasons Elucidating On The Importance Of Using A VPN

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network, commonly called as VPN is a tool that gives a user online privacy and anonymity by creating an exclusive private network from the public connection used by the same. It does the same by masking the IP address of the user and thus making it impossible to track the online activity of the user. Apart from this, it also helps the user in establishing a secure and encrypted connection that allows him or her to enjoy a great deal of privacy. The article elucidates on the same and also answers about how does stealth vpn work.

Reasons for use

The following are the five basic reasons for which one should indeed use VPN:

  • Important saving tool while accessing for any sensitive website on the public Wi-Fi hotspot by masking the user IP and preventing his or her activities from getting monitored by the online hackers
  • Protects the valuable information like usernames and passwords of bank accounts and social media accounts that are accessed from public networks
  • Aids in accessing important websites that have been put under geo-restrictions i.e. can only be accessed by a particular location of the users
  • Avoiding any kind of online threats or spam messages that might threaten the sensitive information of the users
  • Improving the speed of the internet by creating a separate private domain for the user

Working of stealth VPN

Now coming to how does stealth vpn work, it is a special case of VPN where the VPN traffic can be disguised as a public one in front of the network administrators and the malicious black hat hackers to maintain the user anonymity. It basically camouflages the VPN data packets as regular HTTP traffic packets and thus prevents even the network firewalls from blocking the VPN use. Hence this is the most effective tool out of the other options available for VPN and makes it one of the most preferred ones.

What Are The Important Aspects Associated With Virtual Assistants?

A virtual assistant is just like a personal employee who helps you in providing support services. A VA helps you to interact with other business from a remote location. Virtual assistants are highly in demand by big business mans and other entrepreneur. Mostly the virtual assistant provides marketing, designing and other services.

The VA’s provides you lots of benefits that’s why they are in demand. Practically a virtual assistant can do every work which a staff member does. You do not have to train the virtual assistant because they are already trained. If you want to hire a virtual assistant than there are number of virtual assistant website and you can hire according to your work and needs.

What are the advantages of hiring a virtual assistant?

Advantages such as:

  • it will enhance your communication with other employees
  • You can focus on personalized work.
  • It saves your money.
  • You do not have to tackle other employee’s tantrums.

We have covered the advantages of hiring a virtual assistant in the above section.

What are the tasks performed by a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a experienced and skilled person which is able to perform all the task. A VA reduces your work so that you can perform all other tasks. In the below section, you will read the tasks performed by a virtual assistant.

  • A virtual assistant can attend calls and manage schedules.
  • A virtual assistant helps you in maintaining content for websites and handles your social account.
  • Rearrange your emails and file works.
  • Manages important calendar dates and meetings.
  • A virtual assistant can also help you in personal work such as managing tickets, and other expenses.

From the above section, you got a basic idea that how virtual assistant works.

Handy Guide On Installing APK Files For Windows Phone

Do you want to get some popular APK files on Windows phone? It could be that some of your friends are raving about some really cool APKs available in Google Play or aptoide app store. And now, you want them for your Windows mobile too. Well, it’s to note here, it’s not possible to install an APK on a Windows phone the way one does on an Android phone. For that, you will have to count on a special too called “wconnect tool” which is specifically designed for this purpose.

The post below offers a step-by-step guide on installing APK files for Windows phone.

Step 1

As mentioned earlier, you will need wconnect tool here. So, download it. Along with that, download Android SDK tool adb.

Step 2

After you have downloaded, you will have to extract contents of these downloaded files into a separate folder. Open the folder for wconnect. Then, you will install the following- “IpOverUsbInstaller.msi” & “vcredist_x86.exe”.

Step 3

Go to the “Settings” section on Windows phone. From there move to “Update and Security”. Go to “For Developers”. As you reach there, look for “Developers Mode” as well as “Device Discovery”. Enable them.

Step 4

Return to wconnect folder. Click on Shift & Right and open command prompt. Click on it and then click on the option that says “Open Command Windows Here.”

Step 5

In the next step, you will have to connect your mobile to computer. You can connect via Wi-Fi or USB. It’s better to conduct the entire operation before your computer only. You may be asked to type pairing codes. Do it.

Step 6

Now, go to adb folder as well as open command prompt. The Windows mobile should be connected. Just type “adb devices” right in command prompt. Run it. You will immediately get a roster of every connected device.

Step 7

Then, you will copy APK of your desired Android app which you have to install in adb directory. After you do that, just type in “adb install APKNAME.apk”. Needless to mention “APKNAME” will represent the app you want for your Windows phone.

Step By Step Guide To Convert Youtube Videos To MP3 Files

Looking for some online DIY or workout videos on YouTube? Or may be some “how to cook?” or Positive Ideas videos? Well surely you will have a sorted playlist of your favorite content videos on YouTube. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just listen to the videos when you actually put the ideas in the content in use? It really gets difficult to follow a video and the audio at the same time when you are in a hurry. Well, it definitely would be helpful to have a playlist of useful content YouTube MP3 file on your device.

In that case there is very easy solute for you. YouTube videos to MP3 files converter. Yes, it is available online but once downloaded its saved in your device. You can listen to these MP3 files it offline as well. You don’t have to worry about your data wastage or network. You get to listen to the MP3 files even when you are on the go.

Here is a step to step guide to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files.

  • Step 1: Search for your YouTube videos to MP3 converters online. There are numerous options that will be available to you online. Most of them are free video to MP3 file converters.
  • Step 2: Open the YouTube video you want to convert in MP3 format
  • Step 3: Copy the link or the URL of the video from the YouTube page
  • Step 4: Go to your video to MP3 converter and paste the link in the empty bar beside which convert and format will be mentioned

  • Step 5: Choose your format as MP3 format
  • Step 6: Click on convert and allow your video to be converted.
  • Step 7: Once the message on your video converter reads completed choose the download option.
  • Step 8: Download the file and save it you device.

The Game Of Football And Its Health Benefits

Football, Soccer or whatever it is called, it is one of the most loved, entertaining and played sport in the world. Almost half of the population of the world are interested in football and around one fifth of the world population actually participate in it.

90 minutes of absolute thrill and excitement of maximum 16 players of each team, this is football.

Now looking at football from an individualistic view or at a micro level, football is a health machine, a gym for a fitness freak, a mind game for intellectuals and what more about pokerqq.

Here are 10 health benefits of football by PokerQQ :

  • A healthy heart:

Running and jumping is always recommended as a good exercise for the heart. Well, football is the hub of it. It gives a big pressure on the heart and keeps it well functioned.

  • Controlled blood pressure:

A healthy heart will obviously pump blood properly and thus keep the body’s blood pressure at its best form.

  • More muscle mass, more bone strength:

There is a great difference between normal people and the footballers. This is because most of the normal people are inactive than the footballers. Heavy activity helps gain muscles and increase bone strength.

  • Say No to Body fats:

Body fats and obesity has become a major threat of today’s people. Constant running helps burning unwanted calories and kills fats in the body.

  • Powerhouse of strength and stamina:

Various types of exercises in a single sport will definitely increase body strength and stamina required for any other day to day life activities.

  • Building speed:

Practice makes a man perfect. To gain body speed and good reflexes, one must regularly play football. Its hub of increasing speed and developing body reflexes.

  • Train the Brain:

Football is a game of individual skills and techniques. Strategic and critical thinking are most important while playing football. The brain’s ability to be prompt in making instant decisions get well trained in football.

  • Improved concentration and coordination:

Football is played with a team. Undoubtedly teamwork is developed. Football needs concentration. One can develop being focused in a particular task if he/she plays football. It trains to be focused.

  • High Endurance level:

To play constantly at any conditions for a constant 90minutes will gradually increase the endurance level of a person. A person will learn to withstand wear and tear. This is a very healthy practice for the body

  • Better Aerobic capacity:

So much of running, jumping, sprinting, throwing etc. increases metabolism in the body and frees up all the jammed parts of the body as a whole. Such a free body allows better movement of oxygen in the body which is very much required for a healthy body.

Thus, football is a hall of all exercises which together develop a body in all aspects.

How Online Games Boost Social Networking?

Online games are an amazing way to improve social networking. You will make new friends as a player and also gain a number of followers on social media with your cool play. So, how exactly do online games help to improve your social networking experience? The post below offers a brief.

Social groups for online games

The social media world today is bustling with a vast and versatile range of groups on diverse themes. Online gaming is certainly one of them. These groups are created by passionate online gamers for fellow gamers. From action games to shooter games to card games like DominoQQ, there are groups for all of them and more. Such amazing groups are a wonderful way to get in touch with like-minded players, make friendship and enhance your social network.

Moreover, there is always a possibility of a more interesting outcome with these social connections. For example, you may find a fellow gamer on these social groups who is an entrepreneur and looking for a professional just like you. The possibilities are endless. But one thing for sure, online games can take your social networking to next level.

Post gameplay on social media

Are you a pro gamer? Are you often consulted for your valuable suggestions on upgrading game levels? That’s cool and you can then post your gameplay videos on YouTube for suggestions or reference for beginner players. Next, you can post the YouTube video link on your social media accounts. You will soon have aspiring players following you on social media.

Post blog link on social media

Do you love to write about games in your blog? Are you always coming up with expert reviews on latest games on your blog? Well, then, you can always post the links of your blog post on social media to garner followers and boost social networking.

Pc App Store Download For Managing The Apps On Your Pc

It is not that only mobile applications are present in the digital world but there are PC applications too. It is just that people aren’t much familiar with the applications available to be downloaded on the PC. When you pc app store download, you will find millions of applications on it and searching the application developed by you might be a difficult task since so many applications of the same genre are available at the same time. But this won’t be the case if you deploy the right method for app store optimization. Much like the SEO where you would like to see your website amongst the top search results, the same way you would be willing to find your app in the list of top-notch apps.

Strategies for app store optimization

For letting your app noticed you must be aware of the app store optimization techniques. Some of the major techniques that may help you to get the desired result are as under:

  • Descriptive title- the name of the app should be sufficient enough to tell the people the kind of services a particular app offers
  • Choose the right keyword and use it wisely- much like the SEO content you should be using the keywords that have the maximum possibility to search by the user
  • A good description of the app- you must be specific about the app in the description
  • Use screenshots- try to incorporate the screenshots of the app which tells the working of the app

  • Choose the right category- it is up to you to make your app available on the app store under a specific genre. So choose the appropriate category for your app
  • Icon design- develop an eye-catching and unique app icon to entice the customers

If you want to have a successful app with a good amount of views on pc app store download then do ponder upon these techniques.

How Grandparents Can Help To Fund College Education

Grandparents value education. That is why they are willing to do everything to send their grandchildren to college for them to have a better and brighter future. But with the elderly health issues and the old ages they have, they are no longer fit to work to support their children in their financial needs in education. But there are ways grandparents can help to fund their children’s college education. Intrigued? Read on as this article will give you some tips about this.

Pay directly to college

Under the law, tuition fees paid directly to a college or university are not taxable gifts, regardless how big the payment is. Hence, one of the best ways grandparents can help their grandchildren is to pay their tuition fees directly to college. With this, you can certainly save a large amount of money against taxes.

529 Plans

Another way grandparents can contribute to a grandchild’s college tuition fee is through 529 plan. There are two types of this plan: prepaid tuition plans and college savings plan. The latter is an individual investment type where funds can be used in any authorized university or college in the United States. While prepaid tuition plans consider prepayment of tuition fees in the prices today for limited colleges and universities.

Cash gifts

Making outright gift cash or securities is one of the best ways grandparents can help their grandchild’s education fees. However, there are some downsides in this method. A cash gift to a student will be taxed by the federal government and might compromise the grandchild’s financial credibility.

These are some of the ways grandparents can help children to fund their college education. If you would like to know more about financial literacy and wellness, you can visit for more helpful financial ideas.

Choosing The Right Weight Loss Pills For You

If you are planning to take diet pills to lose weight, you should be able to determine the right one for you. Today, there are a lot of weight loss pills available in the market. Thus, choosing the most effective and appropriate for you can be frustrating and complex. But worry not because this article will arm you with some tips and ways on how to choose the right weight loss pills that are exactly right for your needs.

Be informed

This is the most important thing that you need to do before buying diet pills. You need to be informed. This means that you need to read product reviews from current and previous users. For instance, if you are planning to take Phen24, you must research about this pill such as the effectiveness, Phen24 cost, side effects and so many more.

Consider different types

You can search for the top 10 best diet pills available in the market. From there, you’ll be able to know the different types of pills, their effectiveness, side effects, prices, and the specific functions and uses.

Purchase from the legit sellers

Scammers have spread everywhere. Whether online or offline, you can hear some co cases of scams in selling diet pills. Thus, the only way to get rid of these scammers is to buy directly to the official stores and websites. It is your health that we are talking about here, so never risk it by buying cheap and discounted pills from a non-official seller.

Natural products are the best

It is always advisable to go for natural products. These products have less or have no harmful chemical elements that can damage your internal system and can give you a lot of side effects. They are not only proven to be effective, they are good for your health as well.

Websites With Best Free Movies To Choose From

Gone were the dial up days where you have to agonizingly wait for your browser to load. Heck, you can’t even watch a decent video clip without having your connection been cut randomly. But, fast forward to today’s standard, affordable internet plan has been sprouting like crazy and by that, people now have access to almost everything available using the internet. Even watching movies. They now don’t rely on video tape rentals, they just stream or even download and they can now start watching the movie tirelessly while resting in your bedroom or even couch. So for the benefit of everyone whose reading this article now, we have listed some of the free websites you can browse movies anytime you want.

One of which is It’s wide array of movie selection land it on our top spot. Aside from movie selection, website’s user interface is easy to navigate and has different sorted categories for easy reference in selecting your choice of movie. Next is Hulu. Yes, we know Hulu is not accessible to most of the countries in the world, but with the help of Virtual Private Network (VPN), you get the chance to access hundreds of movies and even latest TV series that is being showed. If you’re a fan of cartoons, BobMovies.TV. It has also a great range of selection and you can sort out by year all the movies for easy reference.

And another recommended website to watch free movies is by visiting 123movieshd. It’s free, no registrations required and has tons and tons of great movie selection for every possible genre you can name of. Not only that, you can view the movie in their full HD glory. Also, some links lets you download it so you can watch the movie on a later date.

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