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January 2009

From Preston, Statesville NC

"What do you think the Cowboys do with their first two picks also could it be possible they try to trade Williams for at least a 4th round?"

Robert Bryant, NFL Draft Dog: It depends on what player is available when they draft. For a team that was only two games away from the Superbowl they have a lot of needs. They need an offensive tackle, guard, center, nose tackle, defensve end, receiver, safety and another cornerback. Hopefully they will take the best player available to fill one of those needs. No, WR Roy Williams will not be traded, he will be given another year to see if he can regain some of his former glory. He is still young and has immense talent, but as Austin Powers said, he just needs to get his mojo back. His (Roy Williams) problems are all between his ears.

From Denny Alsip, Wooster Ohio:

"With Matt Moore's late run to be the starting 2010 starter, my question is will the Panthers still draft a quarterback (QB) and if so,which QB and round would be a good fit?"

Robert Bryant, NFL Draft Dog: The Panthers will certainly address the QB position if a player they like falls into their laps. Matt Moore did show promise, but it would be risky to bet the bank on him. Some intriguing prospects will likely be available in the middle rounds and it is possible that a player like Colt McCoy or Tim Tebow slips into the 2nd and 3rd rounds. If Central Michigan QB Dan LeFevour or Mississipi QB Jevan Snead slip into the 3-4th round area I would go ahead and take a chance. They could sit on the bench and develop a couple years while the Panthers monitor Matt Moore.

From: @USCBearsFan via Twitter

"Is Myron Lewis a better fit at CB or FS? And do u think that he'd be a good ball-hawking FS for the Bears?"

Robert Bryant, NFL Draft Dog: I do think Lewis will be moved to free safety in the NFL. At 6' 2" 205 pounds, he has the size for it. Lewis has excellent ball skills and he is from Vanderbilt. The bears love Vanderbilt players, they currently have the most Commodores on their roster of any other NFL team: Jay Cutler, Earl Bennett, Hunter Hillenmeyer, D.J. Moore and left tackle Chris Williams. If Myron Lewis slips to the third round he will be a steal and I wouldn't even have a problem with the Bears taking him in the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

Bryan Dietzler, Draft Dog Senior Writer: I think that it is a bit of a toss-up as to what position would be a better fit for Lewis. Looking at the guy, his size (6’3” 202 lbs) dictates that he should play cornerback but he could be a good safety especially since he plays the run aggressively. The Bears like taller cornerbacks that play the run very well for their cover 2 defense(at least while they are still playing it) so Lewis would be right up their alley. In regards to being able to play safety, their thoughts of moving Charles Tillman to safety could give them some thought of putting a guy like Lewis back there as a safety. He definitely has the size and if the Bears were able to get him I think that he would make a fine free safety if he landed in Chicago.

December 2009

From Quinn Fulton
STL Rams fan

"How strong is this years Quarterback class? Could a team like the Rams pick up a franchise QB in the second or third rounds?"

Daryl Breault, Draft Dog Senior Writer: There's really only 2 or 3 guys of note at the moment and some others who could move up in workouts. Tony Pike is very intriguing. Many are knocking his arm strength, but I have no problem with it. His throws are like shooting paper clips with elastic bands, he just sort of whips the ball where he wants it to go. Fluid motion, no wasted effort. His height helps him get more behind his throws. Sean Canfield from Oregon State is another guy of note in the second tier of QBs. Throws a beautiful ball. Good arm strength and much improved decision making. Has the potential to be a star. Colt McCoy rounds out the the second tier. He could make the first round based on intangibles and wins at Texas, but he could also drop like a stone.

The third tier consists of Dan LeFevour, Jarrett Brown, Jonathon Crompton and, well, that about covers it. A name to keep an eye on is John Skelton of Fordham. He will draw Flacco comparisons. They may not be accurate because he's not that good, but very similar. Huge guy with a cannon arm. As for the Rams, they've played it safe for a number of years now, drafting Chris Long, Adam Carriker and Jason Smith recently, and have so far struck out with those guys. They need to try for a home run and that home run is a QB at the top of the draft.

Mike Dixon, Draft Dog Columnist: Your question basically boils down to will St. Louis take Ndomukong Suh with the first pick, and overlook their biggest need...a premiere starting QB. It sure is hard to watch QB Keith Null at the helm of the Rams, with any sort of rememberance of The Greatest Show on Turf.

After Jimmy Clausen, and Sam Bradford (whom we need to see throw at the combine), the second tier of QBs in the draft isn't all that exciting. Consisting of Tony Pike, Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, Tim Hiller, and a few others, there are a lot of question marks regaurding the NFL readiness of these players. In Tebow and McCoy the concerns are more of arm strength than anything else, and in Tim Hiller its the quality of defenses that he has had to face, as well as the fact that he is as slow as any QB I have ever watched.

At this point I am inclined to say that while I think Suh would be a great addition to the Rams squad, the need for an NFL ready QB is a little greater. QB Jimmy Clausen would be my pick for the Rams this year, rather than trusting the potential development of someone with a lesser skillset.

Robert Bryant, NFL Draft Dog: This topic will be hotly debated right up until the 2010 NFL Draft, and I feel very strongly that the Rams should absolutely take Suh. Players like that come around once every 20 years or so; yes he is that good! Quarterbacks come and go and I think Tony Pike in round two would be a great move. Don't forget QBs Tony Romo and Kurt Warner were undrafted. A sleeper for the later rounds is Northern Iowa quarterback Pat Grace, he could end up as the next Tony Romo.

Bryan Dietzler, Draft Dog Senior Writer: I would say that the 2010 quarterback class is actually pretty strong especially at the top where you have guys like Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen, Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford, Texas’s Colt McCoy and Florida’s Tim Tebow. Some of the other guys that could help to make this a good draft for quarterbacks, if they decide to come out early, include Jevan Snead of Ole Miss and Ryan Mallett of Arkansas. Other players that help make this class decent include Cincinnati’s Tony Pike and Central Michigan’s Dan LeFevor.

The Rams could get someone who might end up being a franchise quarterback in the second or third rounds and it is beneficial that they have the first pick in both rounds. Clausen, Bradford, Tebow and possibly McCoy could go in the first round but they could see McCoy right there at the start of the second round and they could take him there. If they want to trade down they could grab LeFevor later in the second or early in the third round or they could look to get someone like Pike in the third round. I think that the Rams may like someone like Mallett who could fall to them early in the second round.

From Ron Porter - Houston, TX:
@BigRon281 on twitter

"What is your opinion of OC Maurkice and OG Mike Pouncey (FL Gators) if they decide to declare? Will either be there in the mid-late 3rd in your opinion?"

Daryl Breault, Draft Dog Senior Writer: Mike Pouncey maybe more so than Maurkice just because of their positions, but both appear to be 2nd round locks. Both are tremendous run blockers with the size and athleticism to eventually become great players. I don't think either is overly ready to step right into an NFL lineup because their pass blocking is a bit behind their prowess in the run. But both players are tremendous prospects who should have bright futures and it wouldn't surprise me either to see one or both start right away as rookies because of how good they are in the run.

Mike Dixon, Draft Dog Columnist: The 2010 Draft is a very heavy on defensive talent, and light on really good offensive line depth. It would benefit the Pouncey twins greatly to stay in for one more year, and move up into the 2nd round. Offensive linemen in a "spread" offense like Florida tend to get downgraded a bit, so barring excellent combine workouts, mid to late 3rd round seems about right.

From Jason Shallenberger, Miami Florida:

"What does the defensive tackle position look like this year?"

Robert Bryant, NFL Draft Dog: It looks outstanding if the talented juniors Gerald McCoy, Brian Price and Marvin Austin come out, all three could be first rounders. Everyone knows about Ndamukong Suh, but some people think he is only a 43 tackle, well they are wrong, he is strong enough to play nose tackle in a 34 also. Don't forget, Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Jay Ratliff is the same size (6' 4" 300 lbs.) as Suh and he made the Pro Bowl. Now throw in the other two seniors, Tennessee's massive, talented Dan Williams and Alabama's Terrence Cody into the mix and it could be one of the strongest position in the draft in years. Cody is a little one dimensional at 6' 5" 365 pounds, but if he can get his weight down to about 340 pounds he could be an NFL star.

From Jeff Hatley, Houston Texas:

"Will there be any good safeties in the draft this year besides Taylor Mayes and Eric Berry?"

Robert Bryant, NFL Draft Dog: Well it depends if a few of these juniors come out. All eyes are on Texas safety Earl Thomas, he is an eligible sophomore and could be drafted within the first 50 picks if he decides to enter the draft early. Thomas is a strong kid that is good in coverage, he recorded 6 interceptions this year. A junior that I just added to the first round of my 2010 NFL Mock Draft is Clemson's DeAndre McDaniel. He has been red hot all year and in Clemson's 21-13 win over Kentucky Sunday night in the Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl, he was all over the field recording 13 tackles.