LED Vs. Traditional Flashlights: Which Is Better?

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The flashlight is a vital tool to bring during camping or other outdoor tours. It is an essential tool for a lot of uses during night time to illuminate the paths or ways. It is also necessary for every household nowadays. It can give light during blackouts and other circumstances that may happen.

There are two kinds of light sources that flashlights consist of – the incandescent or the traditional flashlight and the newer light-emitting diode (LED) flashlights. Both of the flashlights are powered by a battery as a source of energy. Some modern flashlights have multiple switches that have different modes from high to low and blinking mode to strobe mode.

But, the debate about which one is better, the LED type of flashlight or the incandescent kind of flashlight. We look down to both its performance and price.


In performance, the LED flashlights are more superior to the traditional torch. LED flashlights have a low power consumption than the traditional one. Also, LED flashlights are brighter than their counterparts. We all know that the conventional or incandescent flashlight produces yellow light, and the LED light is whiter and much more brilliant. Thus, the LED can allow further illumination than the traditional torch. When it comes to sturdiness and durability of the flashlight, the LED is also superior to the traditional. Modern LED uses metal casing that has shock absorber and vibration even if it falls.


In performance, sure LED flashlights are superior. But in price, LED flashlights are more expensive than the traditional flashlights. But, it is exceptional for its cost because of the materials used and performance. Some LED flashlights are also affordable in terms of its price. One of the best tactical flashlight under $50 is the Surefire G2X. But yet again, LED flashlights are way better than the traditional flashlights.

In the End

In all aspects, it is always much better to buy modern LED flashlights than the traditional ones. From its materials, performance, and survivability. The LED flashlights are more superior to conventional flashlights.