Learn About The Different Components The Security Company In Dallas Offers

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Major components of a home security system that work together and keep everyone residing under the roof safe from different kinds of threats are defined below

You can even visit the security company in Dallas to understand these in detail.

Motion sensors

  • Applied to –
  • Activate cameras
  • Turn outdoor & indoor lights ON
  • Set-off alarms

Outdoor & indoor cameras

  • Records areas and sends feedback to your tablet or Smartphone.
  • Some cameras record HD videos and store the footage automatically in the Cloud.
  • Doorbell cameras are invisible but smart.

Door & window sensors

  • Two sensors are used – one on the window or door and the other on the frame.
  • Both sensors form a circuit when windows or doors get closed.
  • The closed-circuit breaks, when the door or window is opened and sets off the alarm and sends a text alert.

It is a cheap and great investment for enhanced home security.

Glass break detectors

  • Detect the sound frequency of shattering glass and triggers the alarm.
  • An essential component for homes with glass doors & windows.
  • Small sensors are inexpensive but boost home security.

Smoke detectors

When smoke is detected, the alarm triggers loudly and you know the room where smoke is coming from.

Carbon monoxide detectors

  • Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas and is fatally dangerous.
  • Without a detector, you are unaware of its presence, which can trigger CD poisoning.

Window stickers & yard signs

Signage is not unimportant but their presence can deter a potential thief from breaking in your home