Keep Your Health Check With These 8 Health Checkups For Women

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A woman must remain healthy to nurture her family and to be the best in her professional life. And to do that woman should regularly do their Zealth checkups to ensure that they are healthy or not.

The Need For Health Checkups

Regular health checkups can help you identify diseases before they start. You can find out the problems in their early stage and can easily cure them through proper medication. As women are the ones who look after the family, so they must remain healthy and do regular health checkups.

Eight Medical Checkups That Are Must For All Women

  1. Breast cancer checkup

Out of every five women, one has the risk of developing this illness. This makes it necessary for every woman to undergo mammogram checkup annually.

  1. Blood pressure checkup

Women who are more into physical work are required to do blood pressure checkup often because blood pressure below 120/80 is not good in any case, and it can lead to a serious health condition.

  1. Colonoscopy

It is used to detect colorectal cancer, and it is good to detect it in its early stages as it is easily curable.

  1. Diabetes checkup

Women who are above 40 are suggested to take this checkup after every two or three years, commonly known as sugar problem if not properly medicated can lead to serious conditions.

  1. Vitamin D test

This test is a must for ageing women to check vitamin D deficiency.

  1. Osteoporosis test

Found mostly in women in this bone become weakened. Bone-mineral density test is suggested for it.

  1. Audiogram

If you have trouble hearing, then you should go for an audiogram test.

  1. Lipid profile test

If you have cholesterol issues, than this test is a must for you to keep it in check.

So, if you are a working woman or a housewife, it is your responsibility to remain fit and take care of others dependent on you, and for you to remain fit,all women must undergo these health check-ups annually.