Karaobird: Karaoke With YouTube Is Possible With This Awesome Add-on

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Everybody loves to sing, or so most of us do, and sometimes we will sing to our heart’s content on every change we got, but, it is a bit of a hassle when looking for a good karaoke machine. Because let’s face it; it is not something on our top priority. How about we say that you don’t need a karaoke machine to sing your favorite songs? What if I say that for that to be possible, you need a microphone and internet connection? Feeling interested? Then meet the Karaobird, your best buddy for karaoke.

What Is Karaobird?

Well, for karaoke to work, what you need is any song of your choice and their corresponding lyrics, right? You see, Karaobird is an add-on on Mozilla that enables you to have a scrolling lyric player in conjunction with YouTube. Thus, this allows anyone to access YouTube with thy lyrics of any song playing together with it at the same frame. And this makes YouTube your very own virtual karaoke that has tons of songs as opposed to the limited ones installed in basic karaoke systems.

The Possibilities

Imagine the things that you can do with Karaobird. Things like lyrics for some unknown and obscured songs can now be available to you with clear and discernible words. Also, you can play the newest songs as well as the oldest songs too sings your library is YouTube itself. Thus, you will never run out of songs to sing and the latest songs to sing along to with this excellent add-on.


Why need to look for premium and affordable lyric video services when you can have it all for free? Right? Karaobird is an excellent add-on for your YouTube for those people who love to go to karaoke. An excellent alternative for karaoke to sing your heart’s content at the comfort of your home.