Installing Siding – Principles And Guidelines

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Wall cladding or siding is the outer layer of protection installed on the outer walls or exterior of homes. Siding is the layer that protects the house against elements like heat, rain and, cold and also, it enhances the beauty of the homes. It is made of many kinds of materials and each material has its benefits and drawbacks as well.

Various types of siding

There are many types of siding like Wood siding, Thatch siding, Stone siding, Plastic siding, Masonry siding, Metal siding, Insulated siding, and Imitation brick siding and there are different methods and techniques to install different types of siding. You can also contact services like hardie board installations that help you in installing them without any problems. Many people in the United States prefer vinyl siding as it sufficiently protects the house, is easier to install, and looks good on the surface. Wood and brick siding is also one of the most popular types of siding these days.

Things to remember when installing siding

  • Corner posts should be capped to avoid different types of insects and animals residing in your siding.
  • Keep all panels locked by applying some upward pressure when nailing each piece.
  • Flap the top J-channels to overlap your side channels so that no rainwater gets on your doors and windows.
  • Longer panels should be installed first to cut the process short.
  • Always remember to use trusted services for installing siding and make sure that they follow all the guidelines required to install the siding.
  • Make sure that the water is not trapped behind corners.
  • The Top course should be caulked and crimped.

Installing siding is a cumbersome process and although for some types of siding like vinyl siding can be installed on your own, it is better to look out for professional services to have the siding perfectly installed.