How To Train Your Pet

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Potty training a puppy and cleaning up inevitable accidents is one of the problematic aspects of raising a young dog. However, if you are trying to train puppies under eight weeks, then it is nearly impossible. Puppies immature than eight weeks have little bladder, so it becomes quite challenging to teach them.

However, house training your puppy is about consistency, patience, and creating a positive environment. House training might take 4-6 months for a puppy to be adequately house trained, but some puppies may take a year to be fully trained. There are various factors that can affect your pet’s training. For instance, your puppy’s previous living conditions might affect the practice. So it is quite essential to know the right approaches as it can make the process much simple for both you and your pup

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The first important thing that you need to make sure is to create a schedule. You should create a program and try to follow it each day a build trust between you and your pet. In the plan, you need to make sure that your pet has a fixed time for eating regularly. Then you should take her for a walk so that she can digest the food well and feel comfortable. She will also develop a habit of going to bathroom outside once she has habit of regular eating.


As with other commands that you train your dog to follow, try to choose a word associate with eliminating outside. Also, you should always appreciate her by your gestures and words whenever she follows the command accurately.


Always keep in mind that your puppy is still a baby who is learning as fast as she can. Hence you must avoid yelling, scolding or even punishing her as she might be trying her best and such behavior may disappoint her.