How Does Water Help Your Teeth?

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You must have heard of the common benefits of drinking sufficient water every day. Yes, you know water helps to keep the body hydrated, flushes out the toxins and also keeps your skin healthy. But what many don’t know is that water is excellent for a solid oral care as well. The post below offers a brief on the benefits of water for your teeth.

Protects your teeth enamel

Are you experiencing poor teeth enamel recently and planning for teeth whitening? Well, first of all you should know decayed enamel is caused by cavity-causing bacteria inside your mouth. When you drink sugary foods or drink soda, unwanted sugar stays behind the teeth. The oral bacteria eat that remaining sugar and releases acid which destroys the teeth enamel. But if you make sure to wash and drink water meticulously after everything you eat or drink, you will be able to flush down the remaining sugar. It will prevent the bacteria inside your mouth to cause harm to your teeth and enamel.

Strengthens teeth

Dentists suggest drinking or rinsing your mouth with fluoride-rich water. Fluoride helps to clean your mouth and keep the harmful bacteria at bay. A study was taken between two batches of school students in Canada back in 2011. One group was given fluoride-rich drinking water and the other one got water without fluoride. Researchers found that children who had water with fluoride showed les instances of tooth decay compared to the other batch.

Deals with dry mouth issues

We tend to experience dry mouth from time to time when the salivary gland doesn’t produce adequate saliva. Saliva is extremely important to wash away the leftover food inside the mouth and prevent bacteria. But when you are not having adequate saliva, you should drink water to rinse away the leftover particles behind your teeth and keep your mouth fresh and healthy.