Great Alternatives To Plastic Straw

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Let’s face it, paper straws can hardly be called “straws”. Stripped paper drinking straws easily break down if used for long periods of time. Using a paper straw is almost a guarantee that some bits of paper will end up in your mouth. If you do not want to support plastic straws, but also cannot withstand using paper straws, here are some great alternatives that you can start using.

1. Glass Straws

Produced by Be Organic, these glass straws are a great alternative to paper and plastic straws. What’s made this deal even better is that the company that produces it helps the clean up initiatives in their local area.

2. Bamboo straws

Bamboo straws are light and portable, does not contain any compounds or chemical dyes, and most important of all, it can be reused. Bamboo straws are generally produced from bamboo stalks. The straws are also easy to wash.

3. Drink without a straw

Did you know that you can drink straight from the glass of whatever you are drinking? The best way of saving the environment from straws is by not using straws completely.

Take note that this number is only applicable to traditional liquid drinks. This means that beverages with crushed ice are out of the question if you are going completely strawless.

4. Water bottles with built in straws

If you really cannot drink from a glass without a straw, then this alternative to paper straw is perfect for you. Reusable drinking water containers as well as glasses with built in reusable straws along with covers are a good way to protect yourself from making use of straws with plastic materials. These type of products are easily washable, and you can even bring one while you are traveling. You will also not be required to bring your own straws because it has one built in.