Isabel Pena

NFL Draft Dog Columnsist

Isabel Pena is perhaps the sports communty's first female Draftnik.

As a Miami native, Isabel Peña grew up in a world of sports, playing softball since she could walk, running since she could tie her shoes, and watching pro football with her dad since she can remember. She is a Dolphins fan at heart and a Packers fan by trade.

Isabel graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Business, a love for writing, and no particular direction.  She worked for an Advertising Agency as an Account Executive for 4 years when she made the decision that football was where she wanted to be. She left and never looked back.

She started over again as an intern for a football scouting bureau and was quickly moved to Director of Football Administration where she coordinated combines for aspiring football professionals around the country. She joined the NFL Films team for a brief stint where she wrote about draft prospects’ strengths and weaknesses with the help of her mentor, NFL Draft Analyst, Mike Mayock.

She spends her free time watching and analyzing film, playing friendly games of football, and writing about the thing she loves most.