Bryan Dietzler

Bryan has been a writer for NFL Draft Dog since early 2007. He is currently concentrating his expertise on a constantly updated Chicago Bears NFL Team Column and an excellent NFL Power Poll.

Bryan DietzlerBryan has been writing about football both online and in print for well over ten years now with his concentration being on both professional and college football. His first start came writing about the Chicago Bears for a still existing website.

His experience has taken him through several different kinds of websites, everything from NFL Draft sites to multi sport sites. Some of his best writing came during the early 2000’s where his interest in the NFL Draft first took hold. His best NFL writing came during the 2004 NFL Draft.

Bryan continues to write today for just a few websites and print publications. His focus has turned mainly to the Chicago Bears, the NFL Draft, and college football. Bryan has also taken a liking to Arena football and is beginning to start writing about that as well. His primary NFL focus is on team reviews, player spotlights, rankings, general NFL news.

Bryan lives in Des Moines, Iowa and works in the field of E-Commerce. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his children and his girlfriend, watching football, working with computers, traveling, reading and spending time outside. Bryan maintains his own personal website about himself and this can be viewed at Brian can also be heard giving expert analysis on Blog Talk Radio.

You can contact Bryan at: