Don’t Miss Out On Trying Altitude Training

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Altitude training is the training by some continuance competitors of preparing for half a month at high elevation, ideally more than 2,400 meters (8,000 ft) above ocean level, however more-ordinarily at halfway elevations because of the lack of appropriate high-elevation areas. At transitional altitudes, the air still contains around 20.9% oxygen, yet the barometric weight, and along these lines, the partial pressure of oxygen is diminished.

Effect of altitude training on your performance

Altitude training leads to increment in your oxygen-consuming capacity by expanding the volume of red platelets in the body, and even the thickness of mitochondria and vessels. The outcome is the capacity to sprint for a similar separation, or further at the same pace, improving perseverance execution. As per the USATF, 28 days at elevation can improve performance by 1-2%, and a few competitors have improved up to 5%. That doesn’t seem like a lot, yet for a 31:00 10K sprinter, that is an improvement of 18-37 seconds, and as long as 93 seconds.

Making the most of altitude training

To make sure that the altitude training is productive, you should take care of certain things. You can choose between various types of altitude training to suit yourself:

  • Live High Train Low

Live high train low (LHTL) gives the advantages of height without the same number of negatives. The competitor still picks up the physiological impacts of living at elevation, while keeping up the capacity to run ocean level paces or ocean level exercises.

  • Live High Train High

When preparing at height, it isn’t, in every case, simple to venture out to ocean level or even lower elevations. In these conditions, living and preparing at the equivalent or comparative heights are utilized. This configuration takes into account the physiological changes to happen, yet requires a few acclimations to be made to preparing to oblige the requests of elevation.