Different Strains of Marijuana that Affect The Body Differently

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According to studies, majority of the patients of medical marijuna are considered to be aware with the distinction between sativa and indica strains. This strains medical category demonstrates that majority of the indica strains can produce sedative effects, calming while on the other hand, majority of the sativa strains can induce more euphoric and stimulating effects on the human body. In general, strains of marijuana usually crossed from various strains that create identified blends that have qualities of both indica and sativa. According to research, medical marijuana starts its effect in the human body via the endocannabinoid system of our body. Every person’s ECS has the ability to react to the strains that are the same in an identical various means. As such, here some reasons for this event.


The amount of marijuana a person takes has some effects on a person body. Thus, this is when ECS comes into the picture. Specific strains have the ability to aid in the symptoms of our mental health issues like anxiety and depression.


The estrogen and testerone of men and women respectively react differently with the medical marijuana. For example, the brain of a female has been studies and claimed by medical experts to have higher level of cannabinoid density than the brain of male. This means that women have more level of sensitivity to the cannabinoid.


The main function of the endocannabinnoid system is to allow our body to move closer to homeostasis, equilibrium and balance. People who suffer from chronic illness will have the standard healthy baseline compared to other people who don’t have such disorders.

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