Different Kinds of Plumbing Services and How They Work

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“Call a plumber!” this is what you usually say when you see your sink pipe leaks or even your toilet clogs. Yes, no one likes to see their kitchen or toilet to be like that. Plumbing services evolve since then. These services intend to repair damages on the sanitary drainage system on your home. There are a lot of services that plumbing may offer. The list below are the services offers.

Leak Repair

The leak repair is the primary service that plumbing may offer. Plumbers are well trained to deal with a wide range of leaking or piping problems. They are also experts in using a wide variety of tools needed for stopping leaks and repiping.

Sewer Repair

Although this may sound gross to all homeowners, it is essential to deal with this matter. This service intended for cleaning and draining sewers. Also clearing foul smells and removing unusual noises on your gutters.

Toilet Repair

The toilet repair is also common for plumbing services they may be able to fix. These problems include flushing, clogging, and toilet overflows.

Sewer Camera Inspection

The purpose of this service is to be able to see the causes of blockage or backup within the sewer pipelines. This service includes a camera, which inserted to pipes. Although this may be able to see what the problem is, it cost more money than the other services.

Hydro Jetting

This method used by professional plumbers, it uses a high-pressure blast of water to clean and clear clogged or slow sewage pipelines. The pressured water then sent into lines. Which usually clear and removes the blockage. Thus, this method is the safest and effective way to clean and clear pipe blockages. But this service also costs a lot of money.


Plumbing services has a lot to offer, aside from the ones mentioned above. It usually costs money for the mentioned services. There are a lot of plumber in Waterford Michigan that may help you if you’re near this area.