Basic Tools For Unclogging The Drain

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We all know the struggle of dealing with a clocked sink of a clogged bathroom pipe. But sometimes, the usual tools do not work and then you start wishing that if you just had a plunger then this would have been a lot easier. Here are a few plumbing tools you should own.

  1. Plungers

These are probably the most commonly used plumbing tools. They are cheap and easily available. Plungers come in different sizes hence you can buy the plunger that will fit your drain. There are used for sucking out the trash that is blocking the drain.

  1. Chemicals

If the conventional tools don’t work then you can shift to using chemicals. There are plenty of drain cleaners available in the market that are pretty cheap yet effective. Most of these chemicals are non-corrosive and hence will not damage the drain pipe.

  1. Snake

This is probably the most flexible drain cleaner available in the market. It is used to push the blockage down the pipe. It has a grip which lets you hold. On to it while you’re pushing everything down the drain. You can easily find this online.

  1. Hydro-Jetting

Also known as scout-jetting, this process involves shooting hot water through a nozzle at high pressure inside the pipe. This is a pretty effective tool and can be used for any different reasons. You can find look for the motor and nozzle online.

So these are some basic tools that you can use to unclog your drain pipes. You can also use baking and caustic soda to clean your drains according to this website. Even boiling water can work. But it’s best to have these basic tools at your disposal. Because if the water or soda doesn’t work then you won’t have to pay a plumber for cleaning the drains.