Are Fighting Games Making Families Suffer?

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Games are fascinating and probably the best past time for the kids. Fighting games are action games and every action has a reaction. Kids are quick to learn and whatever they watch they take to it just like a duck takes to water. Whatever game they play or like it reflects on their behaviour, and fighting in anybody’s behaviour is a negative gesture. Games should be designed to make kids better people not warheads.

Negative Impacts of Fighting Games

Fighting games make the kids fight in the real world, whatever they watch they imitate.

In school as well students they make the wrestling rings and try choke slamming the other as they do so in their games.

Over obsessions with fighting games has affected the family as they realise that their child is becoming ill-mannered and short tempered for anything that goes against him and wants to shoot or choke slam everyone.

Too much into fighting games a child neglects studies finds it boring which in turn concerns the family.

The Current Scenario

In the recent time a game has been launched which is more addictive than drugs. It’s a fighting game and can include 4 friends in the same team to kill the other 96 players. This game has killed many children as it gives cardio arrests quite easily leaving the families at great loss. The addiction towards this game is so deadly that many had murdered their own family members just for this game, what they did in the game reflected in their real life attitude and they suffered along with their families.

Fighting games can in no way be justified and should be abolished once and for all. When a game is destroying lives and hindering a person or a kid to be a better human, it should cease to exist. There are so many other online gaming platforms like pokerqq where one can spend a nice gaming experience.