Amazing Facts About Rats And Pest Controls

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Rats can cause damage and panic to every household it enters and yet, it is fascinating at the very least that these critters are also smart and can adapt to its extreme and harsh environment at any given time. Most of the time, they live so close to humans and yet they are also considered as nocturnal, people are not aware that they actually live just below our (or above) of our own confines. If left untreated (the infestation), rats can cause serious damage to property and health of those people that are affected by it. Even if they cause serious trouble, many can’t still imagine how they manage to survive all those methods to catch them and even evading pest controls that are thrown at them. Let’s take a look at some amazing facts about rats and pest control and how they affect human lives.

First is about rats and one of the amazing about them is to try capturing them and release them at some point. From the place where they are caught, they can run as far as four miles from where the point they have been released. Another crazy thing about them is they can dig and burrow themselves at least 3min depth.

Not only that, they can also climb walls, ceiling and even threes even if it has rough  surface. For pest control, they exist because rats are the number one carrier of dangerous diseases that are transmittable to humans and animals. Also, pest controls are created as the food we ate, almost 20% of world’s food supply has been consumed and probably spoiled by rats. With that, check out Big Home Chores and learn more about different kinds of pest controls and how to deal with them by simply visiting their website at