Advantages Of Spoke Tension Meter

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Whether you are constructing your new bicycle wheel or just fixing an old one, there is certainly one tool that you need to do it effectively – spoke tension meter. Many people are unaware about the importance of this too. Thus, when something wrong happened to their wheels or got broken, the first thing they will do is to go to a shop and pay for someone to fit it. But the truth is, you can fix it yourself. You just need to have the basic knowledge and the right tool to have it fixed. And Spaakspanningsmeter is one of the most important tools to help you. Here are the advantages of spoke tension meter.

It measures quality

Majority of riders will measure the quality of a wheel by the roundness and authenticity of it. However, spoke tension should be the number one basis of the judgment. And no riders or even wheel builders can judge a wheel by just looking at it. The best way to measure the quality of a wheel, roundness and its authenticity is through a spoke tension meter.

It prolongs lifespan

Using a spoke tension meter ensures that your wheel has the ability to increase its stability over its lifespan. For a wheel builder, using a spoke tension meter allows him to remove so many guesswork from wheel building. Constructing a wheel requires accuracy in tension of both sides and dimension of the wheel. Hence, this accuracy can be achieved and measured using spoke tension meter.

Tension of the wheel

Wheel builders have some common issues in constructing wheel, and it is the problem of addressing the asymmetry of a rear wheel which includes various lacing patterns and offset rim designs. But thanks to Spoke tension meter, these issues can be minimized a lot.