Addiction To Plastic Surgery Can Be Dangerous

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Plastic surgery is undoubtedly great to improve one’s appearance and overall appeal. But addiction to the process can lead to some real menacing results. And, plastic surgery addiction is not something uncommon. It’s not unnatural to have an urge to enhance one’s looks. But if a person starts to find faults in his or her appearance constantly and contemplates of plastic surgery in calgary frequently- then it signals a huge problem.

Why does it happen?

It’s often perceived that those who are addicted to plastic or cosmetic surgery are mostly self-absorbed. Now, that’s not the real truth. It’s to stress here that those who contemplates of getting under the knife frequently are constantly unhappy about their appearance. It could be they had been bulled in the past because of their looks or weight. Such harsh experiences have led to extreme insecurity which has made them overtly-critical about their appearances. They start to find faults with almost everything about their body and face. As plastic surgery is a way to improve appearance and fix defects, it becomes an obsession for them.

Dangers of addiction to plastic surgery

Overt obsession with plastic surgery and frequent cosmetic surgeries can lead to visibly deformed or awkward bodies. Plastic surgery tampers with natural anatomy of the body. Your body will tend to react in unwanted ways when it is tampered with. The risks of adverse reaction are more when one goes for frequent cosmetic procedures.

Moreover, this addiction may lead to BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) issues. It’s a psychiatric condition which drowns a person into intrusive and constant preoccupation with small or imagined defects in his or her appearance. It eventually results in emotional turmoil, stress and depression. Most of the BDD patients often seek help from cosmetic surgery under the notion that it will help them to get rid of the defects. But it’s a psychological condition which cannot be treated by any sort of plastic surgery.