A Handy Guide On Conversion Of Tiff Objects Into Pdf Documents

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Are your TIFF documents gobbling up too much of space in your system? Or, do you need to incorporate some TIFF media into a PDF file? Well, in both cases, you will need your TIFF files into PDF files. There are PDF converter programs available today that allow easy conversion into PDF format. You may convert tiff to pdf online with an online converter or go for a downloadable converter. The benefit of online converters is that you don’t have to download them. Moreover, you can easily access them from any computer, provided you have steady internet. Now, whichever type of converter you choose, the conversion process will be fairly similar.

Step 1

Open your converter

Let’s assume you have already chosen or installed your converter program. So, now open it and go to its converter window.

Step 2

Add TIFF files

Look for an option like “Upload files” or “Add Files”. Click on it and upload/add the desired TIFF file on the converter program window. Otherwise, if you are in rush, opt for  drag & drop functionality to add your TIFF file to the converter program window.

Step 3

Choose output settings

Your output format is pre-decided here- PDF. But now, you will also have to specify the output settings. You will choose orientation, margin, page size and other specifications. Do you have to convert or rotate images? The best converters allow that as well.

Step 4

Kick start the conversion

Look for the “Start” or “Convert” tab. Click on it and the converter will immediately start off the conversion process. It will take just a few minutes for the conversion to be completed. However, if you are converting multiple documents, the conversion time will be more than that of a single document.

After the conversion is complete, you can download the converted PDF file in your system easily.